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Trixy Arambulo | Trixamillion

Trixamillion: The Bay Area's Groove Architect


From the hallowed halls of high school band practice to the electric energy of the DJ booth, Trixamillion has transformed her musical journey from band geek to the pulsating heartbeat of the Bay Area's nightlife. With a vibrant mix of passion, rhythm, and an undeniable old soul, Trixamillion has captivated audiences across San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and beyond.


Trixamillion's journey began with a clarinet in hand, navigating through the intricacies of sheet music and harmonies. Little did she know that these early years of playing in the school band would lay the foundation for her future musical endeavors. As time progressed, the notes of a clarient  transformed into the beats of turntables, as she seamlessly transitioned from woodwind instruments to the world of DJing.


Local bars, clubs, music venues, community events, private soirées, and even high-profile corporate gatherings have all been treated to the sonic wizardry of Trixamillion. Her ability to curate an eclectic blend of tracks that transcends genres has garnered her a dedicated following that spans generations. Trixamillion's gigs have become synonymous with the Bay Area's vibrant nightlife, where her music unites people from all walks of life on the dance floor.


Recently, Trixamillion's meteoric rise reached new heights as she graced the stages of some of the most iconic events in the region. The resounding success at the R&B and Ribs was a testament to her ability to set the perfect tone, while her electrifying performance at the OutsideLands music festival left audiences craving for more.


Despite her youthful appearance, Trixamillion possesses an old soul that resonates through her music. This unique blend of youthful energy and timeless depth has become her signature sound, earning her a reputation as an artist who bridges the gap between generations, effortlessly moving between eras with a seamless finesse.


As the sun sets over the Bay Area, Trixamillion steps into the spotlight, armed with her unparalleled musical prowess and an infectious energy that ignites every corner of the dance floor. The journey from band geek to Bay Area's DJ sensation has been a testament to her dedication, talent, and unwavering love for music. Trixamillion's story is a reminder that music has the power to transcend boundaries, connect souls, and transform lives, one beat at a time.


Guaranteed Excellence


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